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City Province
- Alatyr Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Alikovo Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Batyrevo Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Buinsk Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Cheboksary Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Ibresi Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Ishley Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Kanash Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Kirya Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Komsomolskoye Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Kozlovka Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Krasnoarmeyskoye Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Krasnyye-Chetai Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Kugesi Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Mariinskiy-Posad Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Morgaushi Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Novocheboksarsk Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Novoye-Atlashevo Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Novyye-Lapsary Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Poretskoye Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Shemursha Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Shikhazany Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Shumerlya Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Urmary Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Vurnary Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Yadrin Yantikovskiy-Rayon
- Yantikovo Yantikovskiy-Rayon

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