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City Province
- Babynino Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Balabanovo Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Baryatino Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Belousovo Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Betlitsa Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Borovsk Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Detchino Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Duminichi Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Ferzikovo Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Iznoski Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Kaluga Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Khvastovichi Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Kirov Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Kondrovo Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Kozelsk Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Kremenki Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Kudinovo Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Kurovskoye Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Lyudinovo Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Maloyaroslavets Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Medyn Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Meshchovsk Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Mosalsk Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Mstikhino Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Myatlevo Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Nikolo-Lenivets Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Obninsk Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Peremyshl Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Polotnyanyy-Zavod Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Pyatovskiy Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Seredeyskiy Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Sosenskiy Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Spas-Demensk Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Sukhinichi Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Tarusa Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Tovarkovo Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Vorotynsk Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Yukhnov Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Zhiletovo Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Zhizdra Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon
- Zhukovo Zhizdrinskiy-Rayon

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